Fresque du Climat

In 3 hours, the collaborative workshop “The Climate Fresk” allows you to understand the essential issues of climate change in order to take action. Since September 2022, I’m a Climate Fresk facilitator. Feel free to write to me if you want to organize a workshop.


Energie Jeunes

Énergie Jeunes fights for equal opportunities through actions to prevent school dropout. Every year, the association intervenes in the suburbs but also increasingly in rural areas, wherever young people’s orientation is constrained by lack of information, family support or inspiring role models. It deploys very innovative educational programs, which are co-facilitated in the classroom by a pair of Énergie Jeunes volunteers, along with the teacher. It’s really great to be involved in classrooms, if you feel like getting involved, please write to me.


Elles bougent

I’m a mentor at Elles bougent, an association that fights to increase gender diversity in companies in the industrial and technological sectors. To promote the diversity of talent within companies, but also within training courses, federations, associations, higher education establishments and institutions have come together within the Elles bougent association to combat stereotypes and encourage young girls to consider careers in the scientific and technological sectors.